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nightmare in oregon. a gunman opens fire in a mall full of shoppers. what we've learned about a possible motive. >>> the san mateo bridge has slow traffic. i will tell you what happened and what the chp did that might improve the situation. >>> and overnight news from san francisco. what police officers did that may have saved a newborn baby's life. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, december 12th. >>> we're following developing news in san jose. just hours ago, a pickup truck slammed into an apartment building where children were sleeping. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose and spoke to the children's father. good morning, janine. >> reporter: the father told me his family has not slept much but any are breathing a sigh of relief. their little girl was just brought home from the hospital. this is after a truck ran off the road. you can see where the tire marks are here and it ran off the road and plowed down a fence there and smashed into a bedroom. police say the driver of the
north towards redding or even shasta. there's already -- it's already beginning to kick in around oregon and washington. it will be very dicey. freeze warning out for the north bay goes another 45, 47 minutes. frost advisory, the stronger the two advisories, a lot of won'ts in the -- a lot of 20s in the north. 28 napa. that's at the airport but it's closer to town. fairfield, 27. concord, livermore, 30. redwood city, 23. i've seen 29 palo alto. a lot of 30s around mill valley and san rafael. by san jose, there's some 20s in the santa cruz mountains. 27 in ukiah. look what's har happening. here is the -- look that's happening -- look what's happening -- here's the leading edge. by grants pass, oregon, they have a winter storm warning out already. 3 to 7 inches. it's still a little early. high clouds to the north. chilly, chilly high temperatures. 40s or very low 50s unless you are by the bay and along the coast. extended outlook has okay today, clouds roll in thursday. rain looks more likely on friday morning and then steady rain looks like moderate to heavy rain. >>> breaking news. we're
. an elementary school in newtown, a shopping mall in oregon, a house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado. >> those comments a day after he made a plea to the white house where he said he was affected by the tragedy as the president and as a parent. a coalition of lawmakers including the new york city mayor has called on the president to send a bill to congress addressing gun violence. >> local churches are offering prayers for those stricken with grief. >> we will pray for the families. >> reporter: about a hundred people came together to find hope and comfort through prayer last night at the goss pell church in oakland. the pastor preempted the regular friday night service and called for people of faith to unite and stand together. >> realizing that when things happen all we have is each other. you know to hold each other up whether we are in california or concouldn't. >> children and adults stood in a circle, held hands and prayed for the families in connecticut struggling to come to terms with their grief and loss. other churches will be holding similar services this
in oregon, virginia, texas say many are buying guns fearing for their safety. some storeowners also say the president's promise to deal with the gun issue has caused an increase in sales. >>> dick's sports goods says they are pulling certain rifles off the shelves nationwide. the company also announced it is taking all guns off closest to newtown. the company says that's out of respect for the victims and the families of last week's shooting tragedy. >>> well, the connecticut shooting has a lot of people calling for tougher gun law controls. but that does not include the governor of texas, rick perry. coming up -- the offer made. >>> new developments made this morning on the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner is offering what he calls a plan-b option. we're live in washington, d.c. to find out what exactly is this plan-b. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner took to the podium just a couple of minutes ago. he said this is a modified plan- b. we're gonna listen in right now. >> sure. that few american taxpayers are affected by the increase as possible, moving down that path is t
a couple in oregon, how they escaped when a massive tree -- massive tree crushed their car. steve paulson says more rain is on the way. >> and you can see that traffic is pretty bad here. we have an incident in dan ville to tell you about coming up. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> an auction featuring michael jackson's costumes raised more than $5 million. $245,000 was pay for the the jacket michael jackson wore during his "bad" dur and two of his crystal encrofted gloves sold more than -- foremore than $100,000. lady ga da bought 55 pieces in the ac-- lady gaga bought 55 pieces in the auction. some items are going to charity. >>> it looks like john mcafee is still out there on the run from the law. there was a post on his blog saying he had been captur
. >>> a group of snowshoers is home safe after getting lost in oregon's mount hood. the group had to san jose a makeshift shelter and call for help. laura rios was there. >> reporter: welcomed sight this christmas eve. carrying three snowshoers back to their families after two nights in the elements on mount hood. mark kelsey, margarita its strada and debra schindler set out on know shoes saturday morning with plans to camp in a hut that night for one of their birthdays. instead, they found the trail will washed out during the summer from flooding. >> the reality with that, the trail doesn't exist. we had to make our trail and that's what kept us out there longer, kept us pushing harder. we were across streams. >> reporter: cell phone was spotty but the group was able to call 911 sunday afternoon and give their gps coordinates. search teams set out that day but had to turn back because of bad weather. so the trio, all experienced, spent the night in a makeshift shelter near a tree. members of the group were moved to tears when talking about the moment rescuers found them four miles down the c
the pattern is changing to a drier pattern. >>> a tour bus plunges off an oregon highway. what investigators say may have caused the deadly crash. >>> an early-morning house fire in san francisco turns into a dangerous situation for fire crews as flames begin to shoot from a natural gas line. why it took several hours for pg&e to turn off the line. >> reporter: if you are celebrating new year's eve in san francisco, you may want to leave your car behind. we'll tell you about some other lines of transportation that will be free. "mornings on 2" continues after the break. >>> good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, tease 31st. >>> hours ago, firefighters were battling a house fire. alex savidge is live with more. what do you know now? >> reporter: at this point, all of the repair work has been done by pg&e. they had to dig up the road to repair that natural gas line that ruptured here this morning. things were very difficult for firefighters. they had this huge fire going inside this home across the street that you can see was heavily d
't approach because the mother may be nearby. >> an oregon man attacked by a shark. thomas kennedy was reportedly snorkeling when the shark attacked. he had several cuts what may have been a tiger shark. he was worried he would be attacked again when he saw his trail of blood in the water. his personality changed at the hospital. >> you know you have to look at it like -- the emt told me on the way, you could have had this or been struck by lightning, the odds are about the same. >> the lifeguards closed part of the beach. it's the third shark attack since october. >> if you are looking for more energy efficient lights you can get them free today, just turn in your old ones. for each strand turned in you can get a free strand of led lights, only while supplies last. it's happening at 11:00 o'clock. to be eligible you must bring a copy of your pg&e bill and prove the area you live in. >>> the holiday lighting ceremony has been postponed due to the weather. it's the first time in 24 hers, it had been scheduled to take place at five. officials have not said if or when the event wi
in traditional to the university seal. >>> they won an emotional victory over western oregon as a player who almost died from cardiac arrest watched from the bench. doctors say danny berger was clinically dead for several seconds when he collapsed during an utah practice. a player was able to revive him using cpr and a defibrillator. >> when you are in bed and you stand up too quick. it felt like that. and kind of went black and the next thing i knew, i woke up in the hospital. >>> doctors say berger has a heart condition and never had any symptoms before his collapse. he hopes to play again and it could be several weeks before he is well enough to take to the court. >>> the pac 12 network is facing a strike. they launched back in august but an union representing freelance technical employees picketed at a game in los angeles. they wanted to establish standard wages and benefits for freelancers working live sporting events. they had fewer cameras because of the walkout. the pac 12 network said it is focused on an unclues sieve environment. >>> looking to grab a big win today. it gets tougher
more about the victims and the shooter in the oregon mall shooting. the gunman was 22-year-old jake object tyler roberts, a former girlfriend said he had quit his job, sold all his possessions and told her he was moving to hawaii. she said he never showed any signs of being violent. his mother said she has no explanation or understanding for her son's behavior. he is a accused of killing a man and a woman and wounding a 15-year-old girl at the town center near portland. the man, was a married business owner and father of two. the woman a hospice nurse, the girl is recovering from surgery after being shot in the chest. >> new this morning, holiday help for needy families. a program where students are paired up with other students. tara is at sycamore elementary. the kids are learning about sharing. >> reporter: that's right. it may not be santa but it's close. we have a lot of student that will pull up in the drop off and they will be handing over some present that will go into this uhaul truck. it's for a program called adopt a family program. basically the elementary school has ad
evading police in belize who wanted to ask him act the death of his neighbor. >>> the oregon shopping mall that was the scene of a mass shotting will reopen this morning. a man and woman died and a teen was injured when investigators say a 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts opened fire. he then killed himself. his aunt is now speaking out about what happened. she raised him after his mother died of cancer when he was two. >> what jake did was wrong but as his mother -- he will always be in my heart. i love him very much. >> she said she wants the victim's families to know she is sorry for what happened. the mall is planning to hold a vigil tonight. >> we may get more details today about the suspicious death of a homeless woman in san jose. her body was found in a creek yesterday morning. reportedly she was a drug addict and foul play is suspected. for now police will only call it a suspicious death. >> i have been through the storm, through the flood, through the violence, and it's very crazy out there, especially for the females, even more tough. >> yesterday a memorial was held for the
. it was headed from mesa, arizona to portland oregon. two people were on board. no other details about the crash have been released. >>> this week city leaders will consider a proposal to ban surveillance drones. it would establish a no drone zone in berkeley. supporters are worried the aircraft could be used to spy on residents. this comes a week after alameda county tabled a proposal by the sheriffs department to spend more than $31,000 from a grant on a surveillance drone. >>> and on this sunday morning bay area church goers are coming together to pray for the families for the victims in connecticut. allie rasmus is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco where the shootings are expected to be the subject of sermons today. >> reporter: st. mary's coo need real here in san francisco just opened its doors about 30 minutes egg. they have a brief service that is going on right now. it started about ten minutes ago. and the pastor led the congregates inside in prayer in attribute remembering the victims of the connecticut shooting. we did have a chance to speak to the pastor very briefly. but he
. they are talking about what happened on i-5 near the oregon border on tuesday. seven people had to be hospitalized after this. the road reopened about 5:00 yesterday morning. 12 hours after that major crash near yreka. >>> in new york, the long island expressway finally is open again after a huge pileup on the road there. it was closed for 15 hours so the crews could just clear the wreckage. this all started yesterday afternoon. a tractor-trailer slammed into some cars. that triggered a 35-vehicle pileup. one woman was killed. 33 others were hurt. >>> the newest insurance industry cash test showed new cars -- showed new moderately priced cars outperformed some other cars. 15 of the 18 earned good or acceptable ratings. three of the mid-sized luxury cars received those marks and the popular toyota camera and prius models got poor ratings. we got more details at under the hot topics section. >>> cold temperatures are prompting a growing waiting list at one homeless sheltner san francisco. some of the lucky ones are feeling grateful they have a place to stay for the holidays. the hamilton fa
is heading up the investigation >>> in oregon, earlier this month, they are speaking out for the first time. she said she is lucky to be alive. a gunman stormed the mall. 15-year-old christina was also shot. but she and a friend were able to make it out to the parking lot to get help. doctors removed fragments of the bullet from her lung and learn. >> they were saying they are praying for me and that really helps. it is a big impact. >>> kristina just not home last week. she is planning on returning to school after the break. >>> this is in vacaville, there was weapons and drugs. a car was stopped on alamo drive yesterday afternoon. after searching the car, they found driggs along with several sawed-off shotguns. >> the way these weapons have been altered. they are described to cancel to hide and produce and inflict a lot of damage very rapidly. so, getting the weapons off the street has made ours safer today. >> they took one person into custody. he faces multiple gun counts and possession with intent to distribute drugs. >> boston police officer is being called a hero after plunging into
problems, same story, 101 northbound at oregon expressway. 880 near the coliseum. you can see traffic slowing down. finally at the east shore freeway you can see traffic on the left hand side of the screen ask moving well as you make your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning. we have been tracking fast moving downpour across parts of the bay area. here is the live camera be log toward the walnut creek area where we have a lot of cloud cover. a bit of a breeze, wind from ten to 20 miles an hour. as far as -- you can seat coverage scattered about the area. as i said heavier rain that will impact the ride this morning. development with in the past few minutes toward parts of marin across the richmond san rafael bridge. rainfall rates have been picking up toward richmond. move the maps to the south and east. not as much action to report but around the livermore area and scattered about to the west of fremont. bulk of the action focused in southern third of the area toward the santa cruz mountains and santa clara. we zoom in here. we show you -- this one cell just moves s
in washington. united states senate convened about an hour ago. this is a live picture of oregon democratic senator ron wyden on the floor discussing the deadline. we have learned that the president called the democratic majority lead, minority leader and house speaker and senate minority leader. now coming up at 8:15 the fiscal cliff negotiations and the effort to prevent one of the largest tax increases and budget cuts in united states history. >> we are still watching the accident in napa. >> we have a lot of traffic around fifth street near downtown. the westbound lane blocked due to a two car crash. a woman was trapped inside of her car. we will take a look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic flowing nicely. 880 near the oakland coliseum we have traffic gluing well in both directions. no delays to report. in the south bay 280 at 880 split those headlines northbound traffic toward santa claire a. >> hi. we are -- taking a live look outside. showing you cloud coast mostly cloudy skies over most of the area. key headline, it's dry, we have a break in the rain for today. its been an
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